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Based on 34 reviews
So damn comfortable

Finally found my ideal work socks! Fits perfect with extra thick bottom. Wearing this pair to office and meetings around town without sweat.. makes you feel like you could do another mile jog! Amazing socks.

Good pair of socks.

Love them, soft material and it fits perfectly. Good socks for exercises! Will always come back for more

Great quality :)

Bought the starter pack to test all 3, been using the lowcut the most. Super comfy for daily wear!

low cut socks!

My second purchase, had to buy the pack. Love them!

Comfortable, thick, odor absorbent and environmentally friendly socks and an affordable price. What's not to love?

Got to try this finally! So good

Great product, love it

Love them!

I heard about Just Better bamboo coal socks from a friend. I've always had cold feet problem when I sleep. Since Just Better claims that their socks keep the feet warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot, I did not hesitate to get myself a pair. On my first night wearing their socks, all I can say is... I'm a convert! It was super soft and comfortable, not to mention, kept my feet warm throughout the night. Amazing! I highly recommend their bamboo coal socks!

These are super soft and comfy. The best socks I have in my sock drawer! ❤️

These socks that I bought have tremendously eased my foot fatigue. Being a kitchen worker requires me to be on my feet at least 8 hours a day. The soles of Just Better socks are so squishy that it gives my feet the extra support. Although the soles are thicker than many market available socks, surprisingly, my feet do not feel hot and stuffy. I strongly recommend those who are constantly on their feet to try out their socks.

Worth every penny.

My first attempt on this company and products, didn’t disappoint me but surprise me with the quality of products and the packing. Bubblewrap well with 0 dent, speed of delivery 🚚 was extremely fast, received within 2 days of order. The socks 🧦 was very quality and after a day of wearing, I can feel the difference with other sock, feet odour was much lesser than other brand. Will repurchase soon. Worth every penny.

Bought this for my dad and he absolutely LOVE it! It's so comfortable that I had to purchase some for myself as well! Thank youuu!!

Soo soo comfortable.

I have the pleasure to try out all the socks (ankle, crew and invisible) and I have to say.. I'm really impressed.

What really got to me was the comfort and the thick but very breathable fabric.

As you can see, I have been using it for all my sports activities too. There's me with my game socks ;)

I bought a better package, and this candle came in the box. I like how refreshing and calming the scent is. I am surprised that this tiny jar of candle can burn for so long. I'm left with half now after burning it every other day for the past week. Not bad!

Odorless and comfortable.

I love the airy comfort feel of the socks! You can wear with almost all kinds of footwear and it feels amazing. Yes to dry and odorless foot even after wearing it the whole day ! Next move: Slowly swap out my socks wardrobe, hehe.

Usually I wear ankle socks for when I workout. When a friend gifted me these socks, it changed my life! They fit snuggly around my feet, and are extremely comfortable, breathable! Definitely will buy their socks for everyday use.

The socks are so soft and comfort. I am really enjoy wearing it every day for work. I would definitely repurchase it again.

Best socks I ever worn

Bamboo socks are just different and better than cotton socks. It’s thick but breathable so it’s very comfortable with sneakers or formal shoes. Planning to change all my socks soon.

Loving it!

This pair fits my slip-ons perfectly without showing! The socks are not too thin or thick and it doesn't slip easily because of the design at the heel flap.

Very comfortable.

This sock's extra thickness adds cushion to any shoes I wear and yet my feet doesn't feel hot. After many washes, this socks still fits tight. The quality is incredible for its price. Never in my life i would have thought of a pair of socks can impress me so much until i had to write a review. Without any "review to earn points and get discount" incentive.... but here you go

Love the texture of these socks, highly premium without the extra cost!

Highly recommend :)

I've never been a fan of high socks until, this. This pair of socks were so snug on my feet, it kept me comfortable and cosy all day long. I didn't need to worry about getting stinky feet either since they felt airy and dry after long wearing! These are definitely my new go-to socks.

The socks are incredibly comfortable! Some may say they’re too thick, for me they’re perfect. They cushioned your feet perfectly for a long day out. 100% recommend!

I wear these socks for badminton. They are comfortable and soft. Very suitable for badminton. Highly recommend!

Bought the socks for my dad since he likes to jog and he LOVES the socks. The thicker sole helps him to feel more comfortable while jogging and the cuff is very elastic and stays on the same place for the whole time! Definitely a worthy and perfect purchase for older people who likes to exercise!