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Behind Our Name.

It is simple really, we selected the name Just Better because we want better alternatives of daily essentials for mass consumers. To achieve that, we focus on delivering comfortable, high-performance products that are made to last.

In the naming of Just Better, we also want to make better informed business decisions. We understand that the textile industry is one of the worst for the environment, and that needs to change. That’s why we’re on a journey to make sustainable products that can cater to your everyday needs.

As a small organization, we try our best to source for lowest impact materials and create designs that are functional, comfortable and timeless. While we’re playing a part in lessening impact, we believe you can also make a difference. A subtle act such as choosing responsibly made items can create a sustainable future, together.

And if you have already chosen Just Better, we thank you, and hope that our products have made you look and feel better.

Our Logo.

Bamboos are extremely durable, highly-adaptable, and grow quickly. This super-plant gave us the inspiration to embrace and build our company upon these qualities. The unique properties of bamboo is everything we want to be: a strong, rapidly growing company that constantly adapts to better serve our customers.

Vice versa, we hope the unique characteristics of bamboo can inspire our customers. Like bamboo that can bend with the wind but never break, may you bounce back even from the most challenging time.”

We have adapted green for our logo to signify natural growth and environmental sustainability. It also represents peace and serenity, which are the emotions we want to be associated with.

The three graphical lines represent resilience, journey, and sustainability; signifying our persistence to pursue the path of sustainability no matter the obstacles we have to conquer.